Avada 3.8.7 Is Here, And So Is The Events Calendar!

ThemeFusion continues to add more value to your investment at no additional cost. This page is dedicated to our brand spanking new theme update, Avada 3.8.7! Updates are FREE to anyone who has bought a license so please enjoy! Buy your copy of Avada today!

Event Calendar Design Integration

The Events Calendar is easily the most popular event plugin on the planet. Avada has long supported The Events Calendar plugin, but now v3.8.7 turns them into best buddies with full design integration for both the free and pro versions of the plugin!

Design For Both FREE & PRO

Wether you use the FREE or PRO version of The Events Calendar plugin, our custom design integration will look beautiful.

Advanced Theme Options Panel

We’ve added an individual options section purely for The Events Calendar plugin. Customize it to your hearts content.

Beautiful Calendar Styles

Both the monthly view calendar popup in the search bar have detailed designs that look stunning and are customizable.

Single Event Page Details

The single event page has a beautiful detailed sidebar that compliments the event post and provides several customization options.

Fusion Builder Event Element

A dedicated Fusion Builder Event element allows you to easily place events on any page or post via our beloved drag and drop system.

Stunning Popup Details

Calendar view provides beautiful popups for each event for quick view information. Control styling through our advanced options panel.

Avada Church Demo

We’ve put together a stunning new demo catered for Church’s and Non-Profit organizations. Avada Church showcases the new design integration for The Events Calendar as well as several other new features. In addition, all images are included with this demo!

Countdown Timer Element For Fusion Builder

A brand spanking new builder element has been added that allows you to add beautiful, customized countdown timers to your website. Control the countdown to exact second, customize colors, text, backgrounds and more!

Widget Element For Fusion Builder

Fusion Builder now has a new widget element that allows you to place any of your widgets wherever you wish directly on a page or post. Gone are the days when widgets were meant for sidebars or footers!

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Custom Breakpoints For Responsive Headers

Avada now allows you to easily set the breakpoint in pixels for when your header changes over to the responsive layout. This gives you incredible control over how your site is viewed on various devices.

New Twitter Widget Styles

Avada 3.8.7 brings the new Twitter style widget to display your tweets. It works directly with your twitter account and comes with numerous customization options for size, colors, borders, headers, footers and more. In addition, you can build custom tweet selections to show favorite tweets and more!

New Customization Options For Person Element

We’ve added some key additions to the person element that allow you to create even more unique layouts. Choose content alignment, background colors and social icon positions. Paired with the new button span option, the new possibilities are beautiful!

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